Who’s Talking at Author Talks?

FRIDAY Speaker Title Target Audience
5:00  Come on in! Browse books!

Talk with authors!

Everyone welcome at all talks

 It’s all FREE (except for the books you buy) 
5:30 Tara Tyler Anti-Princess: Your future is your decision Middle grade, teen
6:00 Annette Oppenlander The Best & Worst of Living in the Middle Ages Kids and Adults
6:30 Krysten Hager Self-esteem for Teens: Growing Up in a Media-Obsessed World Teens and Adults
7:00 Angela Crook The Importance of Friendship and Family for Teens Teens and Adults
7:30 Teri


Gangsters, Baseball, and Fried Chicken Teens and Adults
8:00 Steve


I Was a CI Agent in Europe Teens and Adults
8:30 Julie


Ghosts of Martha’s Vineyard Teens and Adults
9:00 END for Friday; come back Saturday Operation Pumpkin continues  until 10pm
SATURDAY Speaker Title Target Audience
noon  Come on in!  Browse books!

Talk with authors!

Everyone welcome at all talks!
12:30 Melinda


Heave Ho History: Pirates for Kids Elementary Kids
1:00 Patricia


The Cincinnati Strangler in Truth and Fiction Teens and Adults
1:30 Teri


My Writing Career: from food critic to documentary for PBS Writers
2:00 Janet


The Road Not Taken: My Nontraditional Path to Publication Writers
2:30 Angela


Editing (Everyone needs it) Writers
3:00 Julie


Including more than one genre in a book Writers
3:30 Antoinette


Enthusiasm @ Work for Writers Writers
4:00 END Operation Pumpkin continues  until 10pm and Sunday 11-5pm

Be sure to visit the authors who are not speaking, too.