Mad Anthony WayneWho is Mad Anthony?

Mad Anthony served in the army with General George Washington. He was well-respected in his day for his military knowledge. He was assigned to Fort Hamilton only briefly, but made quite an impression in the southwest Ohio area. There are conflicting stories explaining how he received his moniker. One says that the Indians called him mad because he was hyperactive, sleeping very little. The other says it came from one of his soldiers who he sent to be beaten for betraying their troop. On the way to the shed the soldier protested, “He’s mad I tell you. Mad Anthony Wayne!”


question-marks-2215__180I can’t attend the conference but I can fit in an appointment. Is that permissible?

 No, it is not. Only registered attendees can book an appointment.

Where is the information for Authors to sign their books and sit on panels?

There is no information. The April 2016 event is a Writers Conference–not a book festival–and only the speaking Authors sign their books. Our BookFest at IceFest is held in conjunction with IceFest Hamilon, Ohio, in January of odd numbered years. We also participated in Books By the Banks, a huge book festival, in Cincinnati, Ohio, October 17, 2015.

Is Miami University Hamilton-Downtown handicap accessible?

Yes, it is a first floor room if that is what you mean. If you have other special needs, you must bring them to our attention a month before the conference. Please note: With appropriate documentation, a professional notetaker may accompany you to the conference, but we do not permit audio, visual, or audio-visual taping or streaming to social media of any of our events.

Do you provide sugar free, gluten free, meat free, soy free, lactose free, and/or low carb lunch options? Can the lunch portion of my registration fee be refunded?

 In our early years we did try to accommodate different dietary needs but with so many variables today it is simply not feasible to do so. No, the lunch price is not figured into the registration fee at cost and therefore cannot be deducted. 

What is your Refund Policy?

Please see the Registration Form; there are time limitations.

Where should I Park?

There is plenty of parking on the streets, in the City Parking garage one block north, and in the County Parking Garage one block east of the building. Meters are free Friday after 5 pm and all day Saturday. Bank parking lots are private property.